Do you long to learn how to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile? You don’t need to search for many PUBG Mobile redeem codes to level up your gameplay anymore. We explain the PUBG ranking system in detail and show you precisely how to advance. You too can brag about your ranks in PUBG to your friends after reading this article.

The Ranked System

Every rank in the PUBG Mobile ranked mode has its own lobby. There are eight PUBG ranks in all. Five levels are included in six of these eight rankings. Working your way up from the lowest layer, you reach the top. To reach the top, you must travel through every level and tier—you cannot skip any of them.

rank up

All the PUBG Mobile ranks right now are:

Bronze (V to I)

Silver (V to I)

Gold (V to I)

Platinum (V to I)

Diamond (V to I)

Crown (V to I)



The PUBG Mobile Ranks are easy to learn but going through them is a whole different story. Players are awarded for their survival time in games. Any kills that you get are also included in the points that decide the PUBG rank you deserve. Managing your PUBG Mobile account, you will only play against other players in your same rank when you participate in rated games. This helps you advance through the PUBG ranks more quickly and levels the playing field.

You will not always have the same rank in PUBG, however. While you can go up a rank, your rank is also reset at the start of each season. The reset however affects each rank differently. You will never have to start from zero but you may be demoted a few tiers or PUBG Mobile ranks. The current reset system in play is:

Bronze or Silver placements remain the same.

  • Gold placements: Gold 2, 3, 4, 5 -> Gold 5
  • Platinum placements: Platinum 4, 5, Gold 1 -> Gold 4 Platinum 1, 2, 3 -> Gold 3
  • Diamond placements: Diamond 3, 4, 5 -> Gold 2 Diamond 1, 2 -> Gold 1
  • Crown placements: Crown 4, 5 -> Platinum 5 Crown 2, 3 -> Platinum 4 Crown 1 -> Platinum 3
  • Ace placements: Ace 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -> Platinum 2 Conqueror and Ace 6 -> Platinum 1

The lower PUBG ranks are more lenient compared to the higher ranks. The low ranks are usually unchanged or have a few tiers of demotion. As you go up, the difficulty of reaching the same heights gets more and more difficult.

Factors that Determine Ranking in PUBG Mobile

Gaining the most Survival Points is necessary if you want to climb the PUBG Mobile ranks quickly. As the name implies, the simplest method to do this is to survive. You score more points the longer you live. There are other things that add to your total points as well. Getting kills adds to your total tally of points. Winning a game gives you the most survival points.

Tips to Climb Ranked

These tips will help you rank up faster in PUBG Mobile and get those Chicken Dinners more often.

Survive as Long as You Can

As we discussed previously, the longer you survive the better you do. In the game’s current meta, you need to stay alive the longest. It has become more important than getting killed. To do that, you have to make sure you do not take unnecessary risks. If you try getting killed recklessly, you might end up dying. Even if you secure one kill by taking up a fight, you will be at a net loss. Dying early is never an option.

You have to make sure you stay hidden from enemies’ line of sight while stocking up on healing items. The moment you land, your goal is to get as much loot as you can and camp in a location that gets low traffic.

Play with Your Friends

PUBG Mobile has 3 game modes. The modes are single, duos, and squad. You can play ranked games with any of these modes. The points you receive from each game mode are the same. The game mode we suggest is the squad.

It is always reliable to play with teammates you know and trust. Playing with a squad of people allows you to garner not just the most kills but also survive the longest. Your squad can help you take care of multiple enemies. They can also help you get more loot than you could alone. If you end up dying your teammates can revive you again to give you a fighting shot.

Check Your Map Constantly

The map is one of the best ways to get intel in PUBG Mobile. The map shows you the terrain formations and therefore helps you find cover. Cover is extremely important for surviving as you cannot get shot while out of sight of enemies. The map can also show you the storm as it closes in. The longer you stay outside the storm, the longer you survive (duh). It is easy to lose track of where you are on the map when you are very focused on a game. It is easy to forget how close the storm is and end up outside it.

Use Vehicles More Often

Using vehicles will give you the most speed in the game. Not only can you run away from people faster, but you can also stay inside the ring. As we discussed before, the ring location is vital for you to keep track of. A vehicle will allow you to easily get inside the ring if you lose your way.

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